There are dozens of markets in Rome. From the most famous Porta Portese to a number of smaller street markets. We’ll try to review a new one every week, starting from the closer ones, the historical, the most popular ones… looking forward to visiting them all!

Together with every market review you will find two pages: Alice's wonderland, describing the market through the eyes of a little girl, Just around the corner suggesting some points of interest at walking distance from each market and a photo gallery


Casilino 23 Market

Casilino 23 market is over twenty years old, officially opened on September 16th 1993, a modern market looking like a little mall, rather than like a traditional market and in fact it’s called Casilino Trade Center. But it’s an open air mall, recalling a small village main square, with flowers, benches, toilets, a café with tables outdoors and also a plexiglass structure to protect it from the rain

Flaminio II Market

The market Flaminio II (so called to distinguish it from the other covered market in Via Flaminia) is a structure dating back in 1954, when two open markets, the one in Antonello road and the other one in Donatello road, were merged. After almost sixty years, there are about sixty sellers left, which is already a success, considering the crisis of local markets and the difficulties the “survivors” have to overcome

Olympic Village Market

Since the end of the Eighties in the streets behind Coni building towards the Olympic Village, just a few steps away from Renzo Piano’s Auditorium and Pier Luigi Nervi’s building, there is a market dedicated to vintage and products in “stock” every Friday morning. Ladies looking for cheap designer clothes, shoes or second hand clothing come here from the northern side of Rome, but, as of today, in times of crisis, they actually come from all over Rome and even from out of town