There are dozens of markets in Rome. From the most famous Porta Portese to a number of smaller street markets. We’ll try to review a new one every week, starting from the closer ones, the historical, the most popular ones… looking forward to visiting them all!

Together with every market review you will find two pages: Alice's wonderland, describing the market through the eyes of a little girl, Just around the corner suggesting some points of interest at walking distance from each market and a photo gallery


Laurentino Market

Laurentino market just turned 25 years old, as it was built at the end of the Eighties when a group of sellers decided to apply to a call by Rome’s City Council, to assign several parking slots in the new buildings of some city’s suburbs, including Laurentino, the last building on Laurentina direction before the Southern high way (Raccordo Anulare Sud). Now the market looks like a little shopping mall, very similar to Casilino 23, where traditional market activities left some room to additional services. 

Borghetto Flaminio Market

The little market of Borghetto Flaminio (subtitle Garage Sale – Junk dealers for hobby) started in 1994 following a creative idea by Enrico Quinto and Paolo Tinarelli, two friends who launched in Rome the first vintage or garage sale for amateurs, inspired to the American garage sales. 

Sant'Egidio Charity Market

Every Saturday and Sunday afternoon, since fifteen years, in two hangars in Porto Fluviale road, there is a charity market held by Sant'Egidio Community, where a group of volunteers collects, categorizes and fixes furniture, clothes and other things which people donate and which income is used to fund many of the Community activities.