There are dozens of markets in Rome. From the most famous Porta Portese to a number of smaller street markets. We’ll try to review a new one every week, starting from the closer ones, the historical, the most popular ones… looking forward to visiting them all!

Together with every market review you will find two pages: Alice's wonderland, describing the market through the eyes of a little girl, Just around the corner suggesting some points of interest at walking distance from each market and a photo gallery


Italia Market

Even love can be found among market stalls, it can start between a loaf of bread and a steak and go on for almost fifty years. The main characters of this novel are Bruno and Dina, a butcher since he was a young boy and now well known in the whole market, and the owner of  a bread and pasta stall, run with her aunt, since the first day Italia market was opened

Unità Market at Prati

Built on the commercial side of Cola di Rienzo road, the covered market of Unità square in Prati neighborhood was built in 1928 in neo-classical style with a monumental portal opening on Via Cola di Rienzo and turrets at the corners of the building. Until the Second World War, the market was on two floors: in the basement (where now is the parking) used to be the fish stalls and delicatessens, while on the ground floor there were fruits and vegetables vendors

Christmas Market at Piazza Mazzini

The first and third Sunday of each month, the fans of antiques, furniture and vintage objects meet at Piazza Mazzini in Prati. Since end of November until January 6th (Epiphany, bank holiday in Italy) the market turns into a Christmas one, with a wide offering: besides Christmas decorations, there are a lot of gift ideas (from scarf to herbs products, from delicatessen to wood handcrafts), while some of the usual “Sunday” vendors resists in a Christmas version as well.