Sannio market


icona vintageicona abbigliamentoIn the heart of San Giovanni, just a few steps away from Aurelian walls and basilique, there is a daily market dedicated to clothes accessories and vintage. It’s an historical market, which was at its best between the Sixties and the Eighties, many of the sellers are the same you can find on Sunday at Porta Portese. The number of stalls has decreased to approximately one hundred, but you can still find interesting things and good bargains. Via Sannio market was born in the Sixties after the transfer of Piazza Dante stalls and has become very popular for the wide offering and the competitive pricing.

A walk through the stalls

"My mother Francesca has come here in those years – tells Gianfranco, one of the historical sellers – and throughout the stalls there are many other relatives. The market success has lasted until the first years 2000, then sales have dropped, maybe because of the economic crisis, but it remains one of the favorite places for costume makers and anyone looking for vintage clothes or accessories. 1Gianfranco, together with his wife Rita and his daughter Francesca, manages a womenswear stall, including Spanish, English, Danish and Australian brands, samples collection at 50% of the price and leather clothes coming from their own lab in Campania region.
"Artists, singers, theater actors and movie stars used to come in the Sixties – continues Gianfranco – when Gabriella Ferri (famous Italian singer) was a regular customer, throughout the years we have often worked with Bagaglino costume makers (a popular theater in Rome) or we have created three leather jackets for one of Monica Guerritore’s shows (a theater and cinema actress)".
"We would like to see the market as lively as back then – says Rita – there is a Municipality project to relaunch and requalify it, let’s hope it will work”.
Francesca, born in 1995, is the third generation at via Sannio market: "Until I was 12 years old, I remember the market was so crowded that on Saturday it would take me at least ten minutes from the entrance to our stall, when I would join my parents after school – she tells us – they would tell me to stay close to the column here and to not move because there were so many people. Then, after completing my studies in art and weaving, I came back”.
8Among the historical characters at via Sannio there was Norma, the grandmother of another Francesca. "when Baglioni (popular Italian singer) sings about the old lady at the stall he refers to her, she died in 1989 and she remained at her stall until the day before, from Monday to Saturday at via Sannio and on Sunday at Porta Portese". Francesca owns one of the stalls dedicated to vintage, the grandmother left four market licenses, which have been inherited up to the grandchildren. There were times when we were three people working at one stall, but now things have changed ".
After looking at via Sannio market past it’s time to think about the future, so while waiting for a long 3awaited renovation, there is someone who looks for completely new customers. It’s Mauro, street wear seller, inspired by rap and hip hop industries "We sell shop stocks, as an outlet, or our own brand, Crew 12. The project started in 2009, in partnership with writers and tattooists”. They are also the promoters of some parties at the market, many Roman rappers meet with Mauro at Ghetto blaster “Crew 12 started as a game, but later we enhanced our collaboration with writers and tattooists and we now serve a wide customer variety. We have learned that you cannot count just on people passing by, therefore we organize many events, inside and outside the market, to reach anyone who could be interested in our proposals. After all, via Sannio is the mirror of national and global economy, whatever used to be easy once upon a time, now requires a lot of efforts, but never give up!”.


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where via Sannio – San Giovanni
open Monday – Saturday, h 7:00-14:00
PARking in the blue spots around the neighborhood (not easy)
BUS Line 87 from Largo Argentina, Line 360 from Piazza dei Cinquecento
METRO Line A, San Giovanni